How might we develop iconic signature experiences for students that differentiate the University of Arizona on a national level?


The University of Arizona teamed up with IDEO for a design sprint, diving into what it is like to experience the UA as an undergraduate. Specifically taking a closer look into the UA’s 100% Engagement program, the team set forth to gain insights directly from a diverse set of undergraduate students, university employees and outside employers to find the programs successes and areas needing improvement. By elevating 100%, the UA could have a identifiable experience.


As a core team member of the UA marketing team, student voice and design thinker, I was a part of all stages of the project. From initial meetings to outline the challenge to engaging with students in codesign sessions and unpacking our insights into potential action plans. I was able to use my design thinking skills and collaborate with a diverse team to take an abstract challenge and produce tangible outcome.